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  Fuel Pro®
Fuel Pro Photo
Fuel Pro Photo
Fuel Pro Photo
All-in-one fuel filtration, fuel/water separator and fuel warmer system

Cummins Filtration's unique "Seeing is Believing®" filter cover technology lets you see the fuel filter to show when the filter needs changing. When the EleMax™ filter is new, the fuel level is low, as it is used; the fuel level rises to show how much filter life remains. You know when NOT to change your Fuel Pro® filter thus reducing filtration costs, reducing maintenance costs, and much more. They can be used with conventional Diesel fuel, JP-5, JP-8, and Jet-A fuel. Available single housing units are rated for fuel flows up to 200 GPH (757 LPH), 180 GPH (681 LPH), 90 GPH (341 LPH), and 60 GPH (230 LPH) providing best-in-class filtration and fuel/water separation. Cummins Filtration's remote mount diesel fuel systems:
  • Indicates when the filter life has been optimized
  • Extends the fuel filter life up to three times more than a standard filter
  • Provides a clear, easy to see, visual of the remaining fuel filter life
  • Provides a visual of the fuel condition and flow
Fuel Pro® FH230 Series - Heavy Duty
The Fleetguard FH230 series, rated for diesel fuel flow up to 180 GPH (681 LPH), is intended for use in on-highway, off-highway, and mobile or stationary applications. The Fuel Pro® is available in a number of variations - which include the standard non-heated options, thermostatically controlled fuel heat, fluid heat and optional pre-heaters (12V DC, 24V DC, or 120V AC), assuring that cold weather start is never a problem. It combines EleMax™ filter technology and multi-layered Stratapore™ media making it the best fuel/water system on the market today.

EleMax™ - Filter Cartridge Technology
Elemax PhotoThe EleMax™ filter element features Fleetguard's Stratapore™ multi-layer media technology offering maximum strength and durability, improving efficiency and up to 3 times longer life, superior fuel/water separation, reduces restriction to flow, and provides longer service interval. It is available on all Fleetguard fuel/water separation products. The same elements can fit on the FH234, FH230 and FH233 series eliminating extra, unnecessary filters.


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