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With the introduction of clean air standards across the globe, engines are running hotter than ever before. That is why it is more important than ever to choose a high quality coolant. Cummins Filtration offers a full line of Fleetguard branded coolants that not only provide optimal coolant and boil over protection, but also prevent liner pitting, corrosion and scale. Additionally, Fleetguard coolants are manufactured to the highest standards and meet the performance specifications of all major OEMs. All Fleetguard coolants and coolant additives are compatible with all other coolants available and are suitable for use in all gasoline, diesel, and natural gas engines.

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  • ES Compleat OAT
  • Hybrid Coolant
    The Fleetguard coolant product line was designed with you in mind to provide exactly the service interval and protection you need. To learn more about our various coolant products, choose an option below:


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